'Captain Marvel's Brie Larson Is Signed on for Seven Marvel Studios Movies

UPDATE: Brie Larson denied the accuracy of this report. See HERE.

As the contracts of Avengers stars Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., and others are starting to expire, Marvel studios is already locking down its next wave of franchise faces. Captain Marvel's Brie Larson is certainly a major part of the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the studio has already locked her down for several upcoming movies.

According to a new report from THR, which was outlining Scarlett Johansson's stellar payday for the Black Widow movie, Marvel Studios and Brie Larson are already set up for a long future together. The report suggests that next year's Captain Marvel will be the first of a seven movie deal between Larson and the studio.

THR's piece states that Larson is getting somewhere in the ballpark of $5 million for her role in the solo Captain Marvel movie in March. In exchange for the hefty payday, Larson reportedly agreed to the seven-picture deal, which "locks her into multiple franchises."

Knowing that Larson is already set to appear in Avengers 4, it's safe to assume that two of her seven films will be out of the way by the end of 2019. That leave five movies on the new deal, which will likely include a couple of Captain Marvel sequels.

The most interesting thing to note here is the notion that she will be a part of multiple franchises within the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of these will undoubtedly be Captain Marvel, that much is a given. After that, it's up in the air. The Avengers franchise could always continue under the leadership of Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, and Black Panther going forward. Then again, we could also see a team like Alpha Flight, which is led by Captain Marvel, rise up as one of the studio's future endeavors. This would make sense given that Marvel is apparently hoping to expand its cosmic universe.

Regardless of what big Marvel franchises are coming next, Brie Larson is guaranteed to be a part of them.


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Captain Marvel is set to hit theaters on March 8, 2019, followed by Avengers 4 on May 3.