Captain America 4 Producer Addresses Harrison Ford as Red Hulk (Exclusive)

Captain America: New World Order made headlines out of Disney's D23 Expo when it was revealed Tim Blake Nelson would reprise his role from The Incredible Hulk in the film. However, this was certainly not the last big and surprising bit of casting news surrounding a Marvel Cinematic Universe character returning for this movie. Following the death of William Hurt, the Thaddeus Ross character has been recast with Han Solo and Indiana Jones actor Harrison Ford taking over the role. With Ford now set to be the new "Thunderbolt" Ross with a Captain America 4 debut, Marvel fans can't help but wonder if he will fulfill the character's Red Hulk destiny laid out in comics.

Nate Moore, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever producer and VP of Production at Marvel Studios, talked to where he was asked to address the possibility of Ford portraying Red Hulk.  "I mean, I think you're going to have to wait and see," Moore teased. "You know what I mean? But Harrison Ford, we couldn't be more excited. Obviously, when you have Han Solo or Indiana Jones involved in your movie, it just raises the game. So, we're excited to see [Anthony] Mackie and Harrison Ford in scenes together. I think it's going to be fantastic."

Ford is no stranger to big blockbuster films, especially with Disney. He recently reprised his Han Solo role for two of the Star Wars movies in the franchise's Sequel Trilogy and has a fifth Indiana Jones movie on the way. Now, the iconic actor has a major role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Moore previously appeared on's Marvel podcast Phase Zero, where he opened up about Sam Wilson's journey in the same Captain America movie in which Ford will debut.

"I think, he's not Steve Rogers and I think that's a good thing," Moore said on the Phase Zero podcast. "Because to me, this new Cap is Rocky. He's going to be the underdog in any situation. He's not a super soldier. He's not a hundred years old. He doesn't have the Avengers. What happens with this guy who announces publicly kind of, without the support, 'I'm new Captain America.' What happens next? I think is fascinating because he's a guy. He's a guy with wings and a shield, but he is a guy. So, we're going to put him through the wringer and make him earn it, and see what happens when he is outweighed, outclassed, out-everything. What makes somebody Captain America? I'm going to argue it's not being a super soldier. And I think we're going to prove that with Mackie and Sam Wilson."

Moore's most recent project is the Black Panther sequel Wakanda Forever, which is set to hit theaters on November 11. The initial reaction to the final film in Phase 4 of the MCU has been overwhelmingly positive ahead of its release. Are you excited for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and Captain America: New World Order? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Twitter! For more exclusive interviews from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever's press events, subscribe to the Phase Zero channel on YouTube!