Captain America Gets A Logan Style Trailer

Ever since 20th Century Fox gifted fans with a trailer for the final Wolverine film, it’s been [...]

Ever since 20th Century Fox gifted fans with a trailer for the final Wolverine film, it's been an Internet sensation. The trailer for Logan is soft yet gritty look into Wolverine's final years, and it boasts a touching soundtrack thanks to Johnny Cash. The country icon's cover of "Hurt" is featured in the trailer, and now, someone has taken that song and used it to give Captain America the Logan treatment.

Youtube user Ranivals took Steve Rogers and made him into a sob-worthy hero with his fan video. The creator made a fake trailer for project called "Steve Rogers" and it will make you feel a lot of things. So, unravel your headphones and grab you some tissues; This will make you hurt.

The video intersperses footage from all the Captain America films. It follows Steve Rogers as an older man looking back on his past while at a museum exhibit dedicated to him. Fans will recognize the clips from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and there is an odd dichotomy with the footage that works so well.

Johnny Cash's "Hurt" works so well with Logan because the song is one that looks back on an old man's life and reminisces about his past. In the trailer for Logan, Hugh Jackman is noticeably aged to suit the film's somber tone, but Steve Rogers looks younger than ever in this fan video, but fans know he's so much older than he appears.

When you watch Ranivals video, it is hard to ignore how anachronistic Steve Rogers is with the modern world. Loki once called him a solider out of time, and the villain was not wrong to do so. The fan video lays out each part of Steve's journey, and it is a painful thing to watch. He's turned into a weapon, sent to war, watched his friend die, and that is only the start.

Seriously, if you don't at least tear up a bit when Steve Roger is seen carrying Peggy Carter's casket at her funeral, then you are a stronger person than most.

At the video's end, the trailer focuses on the events of Captain America: Civil War. The film sees Captain America reunite with his long-lost friend Bucky but at a cost; He loses his Avengers status and friendship with Tony Stark. When fans are shown this in the fan video, the lyrics, "I will let you down / I will make you hurt" can be heard. Really, it's all just very sad.


You can find more of Ranival's work on YouTube, and if you're interested in more Logan-inspired trailers, make sure to check out some of the other examples listed below.

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Logan lands in theaters on March 3, 2017.