Captain Marvel Almost Had a VERY Different Look for Her Marvel Studios Debut

Captain Marvel raced into theaters just over a year ago and 400 days later, behind-the-scenes [...]

Captain Marvel raced into theaters just over a year ago and 400 days later, behind-the-scenes tidbits from the flick continue to surface. One particular piece that's circulating online is an alternate suit for Brie Larson's Carol Danvers, one so fundamentally different than what showed up in the final cut, we have no choice but to show you. Crafted by concept artist Constantine Sekeris, the new(ish) concept art features the crime-fighting Kree character in a red and black suit adorned with gold trim.

The first reaction to some might be that it looks strikingly similar to a suit one Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) might make. A tweet from @MCU_Direct has unearthed the piece of art and now, it's on the verge of going viral on the microblogging service. Sekeris had previously shared the image on his personal Instagram page last summer.

"Here is another captain Marvel early exploration of her Kree costume a bit alien with a red pallette and different hair style.....did this design at Marvel studios in the Visual Development team lead by Andy Park," Sekaris says in the INstagram post. "Was on this kool [sic] project for a short time to help explore different options .....was allot of fun and really enjoyed the film.....I was lucky enough to work with my friends and amazing talented artists and designers"

As you know by now, the Captain Marvel team decided to go with a blue and teal look for the Kree Starforce, a vast change from this piece of concept art in particular. Outside of the general look of the uniform and its radical color scheme, another major change is the headpiece involved. The final version had a head-encompassing cowl that allowed the character's comic-accurate mohawk to be used. This piece of concept art, however, has Danvers' face and hair completely exposed, though a minimal headdress can be seen.

Captain Marvel is now streaming on Disney+. Larson is set to return as the character in Captain Marvel 2, due out July 29, 2022.

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