Captain Marvel and Rogue Are Combined Into One Person

Captain Marvel has been attempting to find her way out of a dystopian version of New York, trapped there with several other heroes by Nuclear Man. That includes heroes like Echo, Hazmat, Spider-Woman, and now Hulk, but as we learned last issue that also includes the X-Man Rogue, and we know that name brings up certain memories for Carol Danvers. Carol has a complicated history with Rogue, but that history is about to get even more complicated thanks to Nuclear Man, whose actions cause some big changes to the two heroes we love.

Spoilers incoming for Captain Marvel #4, so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned. Seriously, last still here? Good deal. So as we learn in this issue Nuclear Man previously captured Rogue and controls her with a special collar. He has Rogue face Captain Marvel in his self-made arena, the purpose of which is to figure out who should be his bride.

As the fight unfolds, we see that Rogue only has to be within a certain distance to someone now to drain their power as opposed to touching them physically like before. Carol is being sapped of her strength and power at a quick rate, and despite knocking Rogue down a few times she can't shake her long enough to stop the draining process.

(Photo: Marvel)

Carol's fears of becoming part of Rogue's mind again are also filling her mind, but she eventually figures out that Rogue is still fighting against Nuclear Man's control, as Rogue is able to communicate with Carol in a limited capacity. Carol has to make a move, as waiting too much longer will have Rogue holding all of Carol's power while still under his control.

(Photo: Marvel)

She decides to take advantage of the fact that Rogue is still fighting his control, and lets Rogue absorb almost all of her. Once she does she tells Rogue to let go and let her take control, and Rogue proceeds to absorb almost all of her power and memories once more. Carol isn't thrilled with this, but it is the only way to free them both, and the result is a mix of Rogue and Captain Marvel in one person. Rogue's hair turns blonde but still retains the swath of white, and her face takes on some of Carol's attributes as well.

More importantly, she now has the powers of both characters and is able to disable and crush the collar with ease now. She is now an even greater force to be reckoned with, but we'll have to wait and see how long this lasts. You can check out the spoiler image above.

The official description for Captain Marvel #4 can be found below.

"THE KNOCK-DOWN, DRAG-OUT FIGHT YOU CAN’T MISS! Nuclear Man reveals his secret weapon: The X-Man ROGUE! It’s been years since Rogue stole Carol’s powers and memories in a fight that changed Carol forever. Though Carol and Rogue have become somewhat uneasy allies in the years since, a wound like that never fully heals. And now, isolated from her allies and facing her worst nightmare, how far will Carol go to stop history from repeating itself?"



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