'Captain Marvel': Samuel L. Jackson Didn't Require a Body Double for Young Nick Fury

Samuel L. Jackson may be 70 years old, but he sure doesn't look like it. In the upcoming Captain Marvel movie, the iconic actor will be playing a much younger version of his longtime MCU character Nick Fury, which required plenty of de-aging technology. However, with Jackson, that entire process was made much easier thanks to the phenomenal shape he's kept himself in.

While speaking to Fandango about Captain Marvel, directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck were asked about the process of turning back the clock on Nick Fury. Both filmmakers were quick to point out that, while most actors need a more fit body double to take their place while filming a younger character, Jackson required no such help.

"I mean, Sam Jackson looks incredible for a guy who just turned 70," Fleck said. "The traditional way of doing this process is you have to have a younger double, basically in every setup, who basically performs the scene after the actor, and then you kind of take pieces of their face and put it on the actor. Fortunately, we did tests and prep, and we realized we didn't have to do that with Sam, because he looked so good already. It really allowed us to work faster. That would have really slowed us down. We didn't mess up the rhythm of the shoot at all, having to wait with every setup to perform the scene again with another actor. We didn't really have to have him do anything too differently in the movie."

Boden continued on by saying that the Captain Marvel visual effects team was also at the top of their game, and that they go to great lengths to make sure every shot looked perfect.

"Yeah, and our visual effects team is just amazing, and they've been developing this process for years," she added. "It's a similar process for visual effects in terms of they're really hand painting every shot in the film. It's not like they punch in some numbers, and they're able to be like, 'De-age Sam!' They're hand painting every single moment, and you're giving feedback on it, making sure that the performance is preserved as the visual effects go on, and they've just been incredible in terms of working with them, and making sure that we were capturing the nuance of every expression. He's such an expressive actor.

"I think audiences are going to forget that he's actually a 70-year-old man about five minutes into his performance in this movie, and just be on the ride of seeing this young Nick Fury, experiencing with him, you know, learning about alien life for the first time. We're so used to a Nick Fury who's seen it all, and this is the first time he's seen it at all."

Are you looking forward to seeing Young Nick Fury in Captain Marvel? How different do you think Samuel L. Jackson's beloved character will be from the SHIELD Director we met in Iron Man? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


Captain Marvel is set to hit theaters on March 8th.