X-Men Writer Chris Claremont Thinks Idris Elba Should Play Bishop

If Chris Claremont were to get his way, Idris Elba would be picking up another Marvel role before [...]

If Chris Claremont were to get his way, Idris Elba would be picking up another Marvel role before too long. The legendary Uncanny X-Men scribe took to Facebook to reveal some thoughts on another character Elba could play — and it's more than likely bound to make X-Men fans excited.

According to Claremont, the writer thinks Elba is the picture-perfect actor to play Bishop, the time-traveling mutant first introduced in the 1990s.

"Dang! I mean, *Dang!* Just saw the Hobbs & Shaw trailer," Claremont says in a post on his social media. "Aside from the fact that they'd make a great F&F team-up cross-over with John Wick, the total revelation is Idris Elba as, wait for it, the Bad Guy. I'm sorry, I find myself rooting for him because, well, he's him."

"And speaking purely from my X-perspective, he is *so* totally perfect for (my vision of) Bishop!" the writer continues. "Not to mention 007, bit that's *so* another path entirely. Perhaps he could team-up with the Rock but if so who the heck could the studio find to prove a decent adversary? This could turn out to be a *very* enticing cinema summer …"

The character's only appeared in live-action once so far, as Omar Sy played the time-traveling character in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Of course, Elba just finished his role as the Asgardians gatekeeper Heimdall, as he was killed off in Avengers: Infinity War. After appearing as the character five times in a growing role — Elba is more than likely done with the MCU.

With the impending Disney/Fox deal set to close by the middle of the year, it's pretty unlikely the actor will be able to play Bishop — though weirder things have happened. In fact, Elba previous revealed he wants to play a bigger superhero while on the press tour for Thor: Ragnarok.

"I like that I have a little part in Thor. I'm neither movie star or day player. It allows me to do other things I love… I wish I was more present in the Marvel family. I like what I have, but I also wish that I had a bigger character in the Marvel universe. It's been great, but I kinda think I need a bit more. I want to be a superhero. I like the idea of that."


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