'Captain America' Star Chris Evans Spent Christmas With Jenny Slate

Captain America himself must have had a memorable holiday, as Chris Evans' brother shared a post [...]

Captain America himself must have had a memorable holiday, as Chris Evans' brother shared a post on Instagram with the actor's girlfriend Jenny Slate.

jenny slate chris evans brother christmas
(Photo: Instagram/scottevansgram)

Based solely on the photo, it's unclear where the photo was taken, with Slate potentially having traveled to see the actor's family or his family possibly convening in another part of the country.

Chris' younger brother captioned the photo, "Christmas with my favorite Jew!"

Slate herself didn't share any photos from her holiday festivities, announcing on her personal social media account that she was taking a "much needed unplug" late last week.

The couple first got together in late 2014 and made their partnership official in early 2015. Early this year, the duo announced that they were parting ways, despite expressing nothing but admiration for one another.

This past fall, rumors began swirling around their reconciliation, with various clues pointing towards the prominence they played in one another's lives.

In early November, Evans posted a video of his dog howling along to a stuffed lion that played "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." While Slate can't be seen in the video, she can clearly be heard laughing along with Evans at the adorable sight.

A few days later, Slate posted the tweet, "My boyfriend does many dreamy&generous things but number 1 in my mind right now is how he celebrates my new turtlenecks/let's me show him my online shopping spoils&cheers me on."

Given that there were no other people rumored as her new beau, it seemed evident that the duo had reunited. By the end of November, the couple began making public appearances in which they were seemingly "very much back together," as one witness told PEOPLE.

Shortly after their break-up, the two were on the promotional circuit to champion their film Gifted, hinting that no love had been lost during the separation.

"We all love each other so much, and it's a real, real love," Slate told PEOPLE. "I mean, I have gone on and on about how beautiful Chris is. He is, inside and out."

The two are both currently working on Marvel films, with Evans working on Avengers 4 and Slate working on Sony's Venom.

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