Avengers Star Chris Hemsworth Thinks Idris Elba Should Be the Next James Bond

As soon as he recovers from a minor ankle surgery, Daniel Craig will resume filming on Bond 25, [...]

As soon as he recovers from a minor ankle surgery, Daniel Craig will resume filming on Bond 25, likely his last outing as the iconic agent. Once the movie hits theaters in 2020, the conversation about who will be hired to replace Craig as 007 will begin once again, sending social media into a frenzy. Just like the last time this topic was trending, there's a good chance Idris Elba's name will be smack dab in the middle of the conversation. He's a fantastic actor, he's British, he's proven himself as a capable action leave, he's more charming than just about everyone else in the room, and most importantly, he seems to really want the part. Elba isn't alone in that last fact, as it seems like there are plenty of folks out there hoping to see him in the suit, including Avengers: Endgame star Chris Hemsworth.

Elba and Hemsworth have gotten to know one another quite a bit over the years, appearing in three Thor films together since 2011, as well as one brief scene in Avengers: Infinity War. Hemsworth played the titular God of Thunder, while Elba portrayed his close friend and ally, Heimdall. After years of working together, Hemsworth has come to understand and appreciate Elba's talents as an actor, and he thinks those talents are a perfect fit for the James Bond role.

The new cover story for Variety is a profile on Hemsworth and his rise to stardom. At one point, the topic of Bond is brought up, since Hemsworth's name has been associated with the role in the past. The actor is obviously open to the idea, but in this interview, he was quick to say that he'd rather see Elba play the part.

"My vote would be Idris," he said. "I think he'd give it a different sort of swagger, too, and each time someone new comes into the role, I think you've got to offer up something different."

Elba would certainly be a departure from the Bond actors of the past, and if his performance in Luther is any indication, it would absolutely be a change for the better.

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