Chris Hemsworth's Wife Wasn't a Fan of His Thor Bod

Chris Hemsworth's wife wasn't feeling all that muscle he put on for Thor: Love and Thunder. In an interview with USA Today, the actor revealed that Elsa Pataky didn't exactly love the bulging biceps on the God of Thunder. During lockdown, Hemsworth explained how he threw himself into training with nothing else to do. Most days consisted of being around his family and a variety of workouts. As a result, he showed up to set in literally the best shape of his life. It was apparent from all of the behind-the-scenes videos that the Thor star was taking this ramp-up process very seriously. Also of note were the wild workout videos from over the pandemic of him performing tasks like carrying massive trailer tires down his driveway. It's all paid off. But, the lady of the house would like him to tone it down in future effort. Hear the actor tell it right here.

"My wife was like, 'Bleh, it's too much,'" Hemsworth reveled. "There are a lot of my male friends who are like, 'Yeah!' but a lot of female friends and family are like, 'Yuck.'"

"It's crazy how big Chris got for this," director Taika Waititi added. "He's huge already, but when I saw his arms, they were twice as big as normal, as wide as my head. Trainers and stuff are asking me how he does it? But it's all natural."

However, the first God of Thunder wasn't the only Marvel hero bulking up for this movie. Natalie Portman also saw her share of time in the gym. She talked to Vanity Fair about her fitness routine ahead of welding that hammer on the big screen.

"It was really fun," Portman said of those workouts. "I worked with a trainer, Naomi Pendergast, for, I think it was, four months before shooting, and then obviously all the way through filming. We did a lot of weight training and a lot of protein shakes—heavyweight training that I haven't ever done before. Of course, I've never really aimed to get bulky. It was very physical, so it was a lot of both agility work and also strength work." She added later in the same interview, "It definitely helps you get into character, and it's definitely changed the way I move. You walk differently; you feel different. I mean, it's so wild to feel strong for the first time in my life."

Are you impressed by that physique? Or is it a little bit too much? Let us know down in the comments!