SHIELD Unsealed: Exclusive Interview With Clark Gregg

Agents Of SHIELD may be taking a break thing week, but we here at know that there's not such thing as breaks when it comes to saving the world.

We wanted to treat you to some SHIELD insider info while the show is on a bye-week, so we called in a favor from Agent Coulson himself!

In an exclusive interview with our very own, Chris Killian, Clark Gregg opens up about the new season of Agents Of SHIELD. With all of the changes that the characters have undergone since last year, the entire universe is looking a little different.

Season four of Agents of SHIELD has introduced a fan-favorite character from the comics; Ghost Rider.

Robbie Reyes has rolled into town, and his presence is causing problems for the re-vamped organization.


SHIELD itself is under new management, after a long hiatus underground. Phil Coulson is not named director this time around, but a new face has taken charge of the group.

Clark Gregg is best known for his role of Phil Coulson, but not just from his time on Agents of SHIELD. Coulson has been a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the first film, Iron Man, and is one of the only characters to cross between the TV and film mediums.


Since his "death" in The Avengers, Coulson has remained on television.

Agents of SHIELD will return on Tuesday, October 11 at 10pm ET on ABC.