Concept Art Shows A Fully Masked Baron Zemo From Captain America: Civil War


In Captain America: Civil War, one character in particular looked quite a bit different from his usual comic book counterpart: Baron Zemo.

Zemo was more or less the villain of Captain America: Civil War as he masterminded a plan to tear the Avengers apart. Daniel Bruhl delivered an intense emotional performance which may have been masked by the typical costume but concept art from Civil War shows that it was once in consideration.

Like I said, a mask on Bruhl may have taken away from the emotional moments seen on the his character's face. That could be part of the decision to nix the purple head and body pieces. In addition, the Russo Brothers prefer to keep their movies feeling as grounded in reality as possible. Sure, we accepted their Spider-Man swinging around in his suit but introducing a villain little known to non-comic fans would have been tough if he looked a bit outrageous.

Captain America: Civil War is now playing in theaters.