Cosmic Ghost Rider and Corrupted Venom Reportedly Getting Funko Pops

Donny Cates is one of the best-selling writers in the comics world at the moment and now, two of [...]

corrupted venom cosmic ghost rider funko pops
(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Donny Cates is one of the best-selling writers in the comics world at the moment and now, two of his creations will be forever immortalized in the form of toys. According to one new Reddit leak, both Corrupted Venom and Cosmic Ghost Rider will reportedly be getting their own Funko POP! Vinyl toys in the coming weeks. The leaked flyer shows those two characters along with a new DC Super Heroes Harley Quinn as Robin toy as new toys being released next month at L.A. Comic Con.

Taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Center from October 11th through the 14th, it would appear all three of the aforementioned Funko toys will be dual exclusives — not only for the con itself but also with Hot Topic being the exclusive retailer. In the literature, which you can see below, you'll see the Corrupted Venom is a glow-in-the-dark offering while the space-faring Cosmic Ghost Rider includes a Baby Thanos ripped straight from the pages of the cosmic character's first Cosmic Ghost Rider miniseries.

L.A Comic Con Exclusives from r/funkopop

As with most toys, especially Funko POP! pieces, you'll be able to expect the convention-exclusive pieces to eventually pop up in secondary markets as soon as the convention opens and people (mainly flippers) are able to get their hands on them. The toys are typically available for retail at the cons and some will cost a premium in the days immediately following the convention as demand spikes. Sometimes — like in the case of the Mr. Knight Moon Knight piece — the price will eventually dip while other times the price increases. The Mr. Knight POP! is currently available through several sellers on eBay between $15 and $20. The Dr. Strange and Ghost Rider mashup from Doctor Strange: Damnation, however, can be found anywhere from $25 to $50. Both were L.A. Comic Con exclusives.

Though Corrupted Venom has been absent since the earliest days of Cates' run on Venom, Cosmic Ghost Rider has become an increasingly large part of Marvel's cosmic tales. In fact, come December, he'll be starring in Revenge of the Cosmic Ghost Rider. You can read the full solicitation for that series' first issue below.

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