Charlie Cox Says He Was Attacked While Researching 'Daredevil' Role

Researching a blind character like Daredevil can come with its challenges and, as Marvel star Charlie Cox learned, those challenges can include getting smacked by a woman in the streets of New York.

During a recent panel at Las Vegas Comic Con, Cox fielded questions from Daredevil fans that were in attendance. One said fan took to the podium and asked the actor about the challenges of researching the role of Matt Murdoch.

As you'd assume, Cox mentioned that one of the biggest difficulties came with learning to portray a blind character, because he wanted to make sure it looked and felt genuine. So he worked with a man who is blind in real life, Joe Strechay.

Unfortunately, while working with Strechay in New York, someone on the street got the wrong impression of Cox's research, and thought he was taking advantage of a blind man that he didn't know.

"The visually impaired aspect is probably the most tricky. I worked with a guy called Joe Strechay, who's become a good friend of mine. He's been legally blind for 20 years," Cox said. "I just spent a lot of time with him, working with him, filming him. A woman in the street once hit me because I was filming him. I was filming him with his permission, because I was trying to learn his cane technique, but she didn't know that. This woman in New York thought I was filming a blind man. And she came up to me and went, 'Oy, that's rude!' And then she hit me."

That was the end of the story from Cox, but it seems as though things went smoothly after that. It was likely easy to explain what was going on once she had calmed down and stopped swinging.

Still, the situation makes for a pretty funny story.


Cox and the rest of his co-stars recently concluded filming on Daredevil Season 3, which is set to debut on Netflix, though no release date has been announced. The first two seasons of Daredevil are currently available on the streaming platform.

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