'Daredevil' Star Charlie Cox Reveals He Was "Very Excited" for Season 4 Plans

When Netflix canceled Daredevil after an enthralling third season, the fact that it shocked fans [...]

When Netflix canceled Daredevil after an enthralling third season, the fact that it shocked fans and critics alike is an understatement. Like the rest of the fandom, cast and crew members behind the show were equally shocked.

Everyone was so sure the show was going to cancel that they reconvened a writer's room to begin plotting out the fourth season. When it comes to Daredevil star Charlie Cox, the star was excited for what the next season would entail. In an interview with Collider, Cox confirmed that the writer's room had, in fact, begun piecing together a plan for Daredevil Season Four.

"I know that they pitched the whole season to Netflix," Cox said. "I knew little details 'cause typically I don't like to know the whole story whilst it's being written, but I knew the basics of the ideas that they had, and I was very excited. Based on the response that Season 3 had, I was under the impression that we would absolutely be making more seasons of television, so I was very shocked and obviously deeply saddened because I love that character and I've loved the show."

Cox went on to says thanks for the time he was able to spend on the show, calling it one of the great privileges of his budding career.

"It's been one of the great privileges of my career, to be involved with Netflix and Marvel, and to play this character," reflected the actor. "I was looking forward to another couple of years of it, so I was very sad. But in the interest of being positive and looking forward, I'm also grateful that we got to end on such a high."

"Sometimes with these genre shows, when you're making so much content – I've already made 50-something hours of this character – it's very hard to maintain quality, over that long of a period," Cox continued. "So, in a weird way, I'm also grateful that we did a quality show, from start to finish, that didn't descend into lunacy."

Since the show was sent to the chopping block, a massive movement — bigger than any canceled Marvel shows of years past — began to take shape in the form of the #SaveDaredevil campaign. Through professional branding and promotion, a petition affiliated with the movement has reached over 200,000 signatures on Change.org.

Cox himself — in addition to co-stars Vincent D'Onofrio, Amy Rutberg, and Deborah Ann Woll — have even voiced public support for the movement in recent weeks.

All three seasons of Daredevil are now streaming on Netflix.