David Tennant and Hayley Atwell Join Cast of Netflix's Criminal Anthology Series

Marvel stars David Tennant and Hayley Atwell are taking on a new project -- one without superheroes. Tennant, who played Kilgrave in the first season of Jessica Jones, and Atwell, who played the MCU's Peggy Carter in multiple films and the Agent Carter television series, have been cast Netflix's upcoming crime anthology aptly named Criminal.

Netflix released a casting announcement in the form of a video teaser on Monday, featuring Tennant and Atwell as just two guest stars on the series which will consist of 12, 45-minute episodes, with three episodes each spread across four countries -- France, Spain, Germany, and the UK. The episodes, which will take place entirely within the confines of a police interrogation room, will also take the unique approach of having the country-specific episodes feature writers, directors, and actors from those countries. Episodes will also be produced in the country's native language. Tennant and Atwell will appear in the UK episodes alongside Clare-Hope Ashitey and Youssef Kerkour with Killing Eve writer George Kay writing the UK episodes along with She’s Out Of My League director Jim Field Smith. Kay and Smith also created the series (via Entertainment Weekly).

No plot details were released about Criminal, though from the teaser video (which you can check out above), Atwell's character -- who is shown to have pink hair -- certainly seems like a departure from her Peggy Carter role in the MCU. However, even with her time as the beloved Agent Carter seemingly behind her, Atwell has been open about having a soft spot for the character even though she's largely moved on.

"If I had the opportunity again to play her, I would have to feel that there was an appropriate development and something more than I've already done," Atwell said at a press event last year. "It's a bit of an anomaly to revisit characters as an actor."


An official release date for Criminal has not yet been released, but the series is expected to arrive on the streaming service sometime this fall.

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