20th Century Fox Pushing 'Deadpool 2' For Best Picture Oscar

The 91st Academy Awards are nearly three months away and Hollywood movie studios are hard at work [...]

The 91st Academy Awards are nearly three months away and Hollywood movie studios are hard at work putting together their "For Consideration" campaigns. One studio — 20th Century Fox, to be exact — just released some of their For Consideration recommendations and believe it or not, they've included Deadpool 2 for several categories.

The biggest award — and most surprising — is that of Best Picture. Possibly in the most Deadpool of moves, 20th Century Fox is, in fact, pushing the Deadpool sequel for the top award at this year's Academy Awards. It's the second genre movie — behind Marvel Studios' Black Panther — to be pushed forth for Academy consideration. Although the Academy seems to slowly be warming up to genre movies, it's likely a long shot for Deadpool 2 to get a nomination.

Best Picture wasn't the only category 20th Century Fox is pushing Deadpool 2 in — in addition to the top spot, the studio is submitting the movie in over a dozen additional categories including Best Actor (Ryan Reynolds), Best Original Screenplay (Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, and Ryan Reynolds), and Best Supporting Actress (Morena Baccarin, Zazie Beetz, Leslie Uggams, and Brianna Hildebrand).

The full list of "For Consideration" submissions published by 20th Century Fox is as follows:

  • Best Picture (Simon Kinberg, Ryan Reynolds, Lauren Shuler Donner)
  • Best Director (David Letich)
  • Best Original Screenplay (Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, Ryan Reynolds)
  • Best Actor (Ryan Reynolds)
  • Best Supporting Actor (Josh Brolin, Julian Dennison, T.J. Miller, Karan Soni, Jack Kesy)
  • Best Supporting Actress (Morena Baccarin, Zazie Beetz, Leslie Uggams, Brianna Hildebrand)
  • Best Production Design (David Scheunemann, Sandy Walker)
  • Best Cinematography (Jonathan Sela)
  • Best Costume Design (Kurt Swanson, Bart Mueller)
  • Best Film Editing (Elisabet Ronaldsdottir, Dirk Westervelt, Craig Alpert)
  • Best Makeup And Hairstyling (Bill Corso, Monic Huppert)
  • Best Original Score (Tyler Bates)
  • Best Sound Editing (Mark Stoeckinger)
  • Best Sound Mixing (Mark Noda, Paul Massey, Martyn Zub)
  • Best Visual Effects (Dan Glass, Mike Vezina, Michael Brazelton, Stephane Naze)

As 20th Century Fox waits to hear whether or not they earn an Oscar nomination or two, the studio will be hard at work promoting Once Upon A Deadpool, the PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2 that will have a limited two-week run in theatres next month.

According to Wernick, the cast and crew actually resumed production for a day to film some new scenes for the new cut.

"We definitely shot new stuff. And recently too. After Deadpool 2 came out and we were all sitting around, we came to it less about the idea of let's make a PG-13 movie and more, 'Let's talk a little bit about Deadpool.'" Wernick told /Film. "We were kicking around some ideas and then I think it was Ryan [Reynolds] who had the great framing device and we all got excited and went to the studio. They said, 'Yeah, let's do it. Fire up the cameras.'"

Do you think Deadpool 2 is worth of any of the Oscars above? If so, which ones? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

The 91st Academy Awards will take place on Sunday, February 24th, 2019. The ceremony will start at 6:00 p.m. and will be broadcast live on ABC.