'Deadpool 2': Cable's Daughter's Teddy Bear Was Almost Something Completely Different

Throughout Deadpool 2, Cable's entire mission was centered around using his time-travelling [...]

Throughout Deadpool 2, Cable's entire mission was centered around using his time-travelling abilities to keep his wife and daughter from being murdered. To constantly remind him of this purpose, a charred, blood-soaked Teddy bear hung from his belt, later becoming a key plot point in the movie.

While this bear seems like a very simple token of his story, it wasn't always going to be in the movie. In fact, according to the Deadpool 2 creative team, it was originally supposed to be a bloody t-shirt, which honestly has way less emotional impact.

On the feature commentary for Deadpool 2, which now available for purchase digitally, the filmmakers talk about the origins of the bear. Paul Wernick, one of the film's writers, admitted that the idea to change to the stuffed toy actually belonged to director David Leitch.

"That Teddy bear right there was actually Dave's idea," Wernick said. "We originally had it as a bloody T-shirt."

Star and producer Ryan Reynolds then said to Leitch, "And boy were you right."

"So right," Wernick confirmed. "And when he first pitched it it was a little bit of a head-scratcher 'cause we just were like, 'Really?' And then, as we started to think about it and it's a brilliant idea."

Reynolds continued on to explain that the bear turned out to provide just the right imagery for Cable's role in the film.

"Such a perfect totem, you know, for him to carry around the whole movie," he said. "This incredibly tough sort of morally flexible guy, with one agenda and one agenda alone, who's walking around with a teddy bear that's half-burned, covered in blood."

Leitch ended the conversation by asking, "I mean, what represents innocence more than a certain image, right?"

Watching the movie, it's easy to recognize that replacing the shirt with the Teddy bear was the right decision. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!