Ryan Reynolds Reveals 'Deadpool 2' Joke He Was Expecting to Fight the MPAA Over

The Deadpool franchise is one of the most successful properties for 21st Century Studios, [...]

The Deadpool franchise is one of the most successful properties for 21st Century Studios, primarily because the two movies have gone to crazy lengths to portray a very comic-accurate Wade Wilson.

Ryan Reynolds — the actor behind the live-action version of Deadpool and mastermind of the franchise — has had his hand in helping write the Deadpool movies, both of which happen to be chalk full of crude humor.

Reynolds recently revealed which of the joke sequences in Deadpool 2 he was really going to go to bat for in case the Motion Picture Association of America — the governing body the determines film ratings — had a problem with it.

The scene in question might be one of Deadpool 2's more memorable moments.

"I didn't know if I was going to have to go down and arbitrate with the MPAA and explain that's my tiny dick and balls, not CGI. But it wasn't a problem," Reynolds joked with THR.

After getting his lower half cut off, Wade's left to recover at home with Blind Al while his regenerative powers work their magic. Wade's friends Dopinder and Weasel come to visit and Wade pulls his best Sharon Stone-in-Basic Instinct impression, revealing his shrunken genitalia.

With a movie that includes so many crude jokes, it's but a matter of time before some of them start getting cut from the movie. In the case of Deadpool 2, a post-credits scene showing Deadpool travel back in time to kill Adolf Hitler as a baby was removed from the theatrical release, but will be included on the home media release later this month.

Reynolds went on to talk about the joke-writing process.

"I think most filmmakers would say, 'Find your favorite moment in a movie and cut it out, because that's what's going to happen anyway,'" explained Reynolds. "It was one of my favorite things in the movie, and one of the earliest things I planted my flag on and said 'I want to keep this joke.' And then it was one of the first things I was forced to remove."

"You like to think that you get to work with complete autonomy, but at the same time, you don't. You want to be collaborative…They've allowed us do stuff that I don't think any other studio would allow us to do. So, conceding on this one thing was not the end of the world for me. We had a lot of other great, great moments in the movie."

Did the joke in question land well with you? What's the funniest moment in the Deadpool franchise? Let us know in the comments below.

Deadpool 2 is available to own digitally starting Tuesday ahead of its Aug. 21 debut on 4K UHD and Blu-ray.