'Deadpool 2'-Themed Blockbuster Video Opens in London

For two days beginning today, a Blockbuster Video store will open in London's Shoreditch neighborhood -- but there's a twist.

The store, which will be modeled on the design and layout of the mostly-gone rental giant, will only be carrying copies of Deadpool 2.

The store is only open today and tomorrow to celebrate the home release of the Fox hit based on Marvel's mouthiest mutant.

According to Marketing Dive, visitors who still have their Blockbuster membership cards can jump the line and receive a limited-edition VHS case that includes a download code for the movie.

Other fans can show off their own "super-powers" in what is likely to be a low-budget and hilarious riff on the "getting the team together" montage from the movie, and receive a Superhero Edition membership card and a copy of the movie.

Fox plans on giving away 1,989 copies of the movie, in honor of the year (1989) when Blockbuster opened.

While Blockbuster -- and the home video market as a whole -- is nowhere near as big as it used to be, it clearly still has a foothold in the popular imagination.

With only one Blockbuster left in the United States, two filmmakers have set out to make a documentary, cleverly titled The Last Blockbuster, about the store, and the brand as a whole.

This writer hosts a podcast with a number of former video store employees, named after the Emerald City Video stores that used to exist in Syracuse, NY. You can hear the Deadpool 2 episode below.

The Deadpool Blockbuster seems to be a riff on the Jerry Maguire Video Store, which was a pop art installation housing 14,000 copies of Jerry Maguire.

(Not to be confused with the guy who was trying to collect every VHS copy of Speed in the world. He seems to have gotten into Harvard and given up the quest.)


You can see some photos of the grand opening of the London Blockbuster below, courtesy of The Last Blockbuster's Instagram feed:

Deadpool 2 is available now on DVD and Blu-ray today, or you can get a digital copy from video-on-demand sites like Vudu, Amazon, and iTunes.