'Deadpool 2' Trailer Hides an Awesome Bob Ross Easter Egg

With the trailer frenzy for the Super Bowl having died down, the mutant mercenary known as Wade [...]

With the trailer frenzy for the Super Bowl having died down, the mutant mercenary known as Wade Wilson stole the spotlight with the surprise release of the trailer for Deadpool 2.

While offering the first look at Josh Brolin's Cable in action and teasing the appearance of X-Force (including SHATTERSTAR?!), the trailer was loaded with easter eggs and references — including a shout out to the original Bob Ross-inspired teaser from Thanksgiving last year.

Check it out below:


While Deadpool is waiting for those bums in the visual effects department to work their magic, he uses the magic of imagination and some action figures to act out the first meeting between the star-crossed haters. And while we might be able to glean some plot details from all of the crap on display in his diorama, that painting in the top right immediately jumps out.

It's the piece of art that was ruined when Deadpool was, ahem, whacking off his brush while painting some happy little trees.

The first trailer for Deadpool 2 promised all of the action and humor from the first movie, with a much more blatant dive into the X-Men universe.

While it's apparent that Cable will have a major part in the film, his mission is still unclear. We know he's from the future, but his reasons for coming back now remain a mystery. Whatever they may be, he'll likely be at odds with Deadpool for a good chunk of the film before the common superhero trope of "heroes fight then team up" is employed, of course.

Other mysteries remain, such as who the real villain will be, what role will Domino (Zazie Beets) play, and HOW THE HECK DID THEY KEEP TERRY CREWS' INVOLVEMENT A MYSTERY?!

As the movie's release date approaches, expect the promotional campaign to ramp up and some of these questions being answered. But the more Ryan Reynolds and Co. keep to their vest, the more likely fans will enjoy the surprises when it finally premieres in theaters.

Deadpool 2 will finally arrive on May 18th.