Rejected Test Footage From Cancelled 'Deadpool' Cartoon Released Online

*UPDATE* The test footage that was uploaded to Vimeo has now been removed.

Deadpool fans around the globe are disappointed this week, after learning that Marvel and FX decided not to move forward with Donald Glover's animated series, despite the fact that it was already given a 10-episode first season order. Glover fanned the flames on Wednesday by sharing a "Script" from the series, showing how funny his material could have been.

While we will likely never see this series come to life, some original test footage from the series has been released online.

An animation studio by the name of Titmouse posted a sequence of Deadpool test footage online, in wake of the canceled series. This clip acted as the studio's pitch to land the job of animating the show.

The footage sees Deadpool in a shootout with numerous villains in some kind of warehouse or shipping facility. Using Ryan Reynolds' dialogue from the live action movie, this clip shows the "hero" taking out bad guys and joking his way through a fight.

After blowing up the facility, along with the big boss at the end, Deadpool flies through the air towards the camera, all four of his limbs removed. He then utters the famous line from the original Deadpool trailers, "I'm touching myself tonight." Of course, this was made even funnier by the fact that he literally had no hands to touch himself with.

According to the original post of the video on Reddit, Titmouse pitched the footage but didn't end up landing the job. Floyd County Productions, the studio that provides animation for FXX's hit comedy Archer, was eventually chosen for the project.


Still, the footage shared by Titmouse was really well done. If another company was able to do it better, that only furthers the disappointment felt by fans this week, knowing that the series will never happen.

What did you think of this animation? Are you bummed to see such a great idea go to waste? Let us know in the comment section below!