Deadpool Expansion Coming To Marvel Dice Masters

Deadpool Marvel Dice Masters

Wizkids has met great success with their Dice Masters line, but no set is complete without the merc with a mouth.

Deadpool doesn't like to be last to a party, so he will be joining the game in a new expansion due this October. The set will be comprised of characters lifted straight from the comics, so expect familiar faces like Lady Deadpool, X-23, Mr. Sinister, and Dogpool, along with others. I always enjoyed his interactions with Taskmaster, so hopefully he will make an appearance in the set as well.

The set will also boast the introduction of the inhumans to the game along with characters from the Spider-Verse, and will include more than 30 new characters. You can grab the foil packs, which contain two cards and two dice, for $0.99 each. Unfortunately, no pancakes will be included.

via ICv2

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