Deadpool Finally Meets Young Cable in New X-Men Comic

In the history of Marvel Comics, few duos have provided as many hilarious, insane, and heartfelt moments as Cable and Deadpool, the two mutant mercenaries who love to hate each other. After one long-running series and multiple team ups since, their bromance has become a popular part of the X-Men lore, and their history stems all the way back to their earliest days in the Marvel Universe. And then everything changed when a younger version of Cable came back in time and killed his older self, effectively taking his place in the present day. And now he's going to have to answer to his future BFF Deadpool.

That meeting will finally take place in Cable #3, part of the new series spinning out of the X-Men's new status quo on Krakoa in the Dawn of X lineup.

Marvel's description of the issue promises that it will be a refreshing moment that fans of the two characters won't want to miss:

"Old buddies Cable and Deadpool will be reunited for the very first time this May in CABLE #3! Deadpool considers Cable one of his best friends, but the young star of this new ongoing series will be a very different Cable than the one he remembers. Not yet the grizzled old veteran Deadpool has teamed up with in the past, Nathan Summers will be meeting Deadpool for the first time in an adventure that will prove that this is one friendship that is destined to be! "

cable 3 cover deadpool
(Photo: Phil Noto)

During an interview with ScreenRant, series writer Gerry Duggan praised his collaborator Phil Noto on art, while also thanking X-Men scribe Jonathan Hickman for setting this stage for the new era.

"You can enjoy this comic without having read any other comic. Phil Noto is serving up every panel: pencils, inks and colors. I try not to give anything away for free, but I guess everyone is entitled to know that Cable's arrival in this era will be... touched on," Duggan said. "Jonathan's story is both a gift to fans, and to the characters. Lots of them are living their best lives at the moment. Nobody more than Cable. He's the son of Cyclops, great Captain of Krakoa... and he knows it. Inexperienced heroes are a true gift."

We'll find out what happens when Nathan Summers meets Deadpool for the first time in Cable #3, likely to hit stores in May.


[h/t Screenrant]