Deadpool Star Ryan Reynolds Trash Talks Karen Gillan At Direction of Avengers: Endgame Directors

Some of your favorite Marvel stars are playing in the AGBO Superheroes Fantasy Football League, and it's all for a great cause. Each person plays for a charity of their choice and includes Marvel stars like the Russo Brothers, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, and more. It also includes Deadpool's Ryan Reynolds and Guardians star Karen Gillan, and the two are facing each other this weekend. The Russo Brothers informed Reynolds he had to make a trash talk video for Gillan to be in the league, and as you can see in the video, he went above and beyond.

First though he revealed what cause he was playing for. "I am Ryan Reynolds and I'm playing the AGBO Superheroes Fantasy Football League. It's for an incredible charity, the one I'm playing for is the Sick Kids Foundation of Canada. Just an amazing place. They do so much for kids across Canada, but not only that they do so much for kids all across the world. Amazing people. Can't wait," Reynolds said.

After that though it was time to focus on Gillan. "So here's the thing," Reynolds said. "Full disclosure. According to Joe and Anthony Russo, I'm supposed to create a trash-talking video in order to be in this league, and I'm not super comfortable with trash talk because I'm Canadian. I try and maintain a level of politeness, but anyway my opponent this week is Karen Gillan, and she's like, nice. You know I thought I was going to get like Chris Pratt or RDJ or Anthony Mackie or Chris Evans, f*** that guy, but no, I got Karen, and so I sort of feel like I'm going to tread a little bit more lightly. I'm going to save the really intense hard stuff for next week maybe, but in the meantime, I'm going to trash talk Karen Gillan, but nicely so here goes."

That's when he launches into his trash talk, and while it starts off fine, it then segues into a load of bleeps that you can only pick out a few words from, but some of them are hilarious. Some words and phrases not bleeped include Dolphin Humping, Pumpkin Butter, Anime Dusting, and Jumanji Guaranteed.

"She sucks so bad that the only thing left in the crease of the (long bleep) is a Tardis filled with nothing but (bleep) and Pat Sajak's finger," Reynolds said.

"In summary, Karen, step off, step back, and crawl back into whatever (bleep) you crawled out of," Reynolds added, concluding with "I feel really good about this!"

You can check out the full video above.


"I love all my friends in the AGBO Superhero Fantasy Football League. Trash talking is an unfortunate requirement. This week, I'm playing against @KarenGillanOfficial who's super nice. The charity I'm playing for is @SickKidsVs. They perform medical miracles for children all over Canada and the world. Check them out and if you feel inclined, donate! CC: @agbofilms @therussobrothers"

That's definitely some of the more memorable trash talk I've heard in recent memory, even though you could only hear around half of it. Also, if that's tame then RDJ, Evans, and Pratt are in for something crazy.