Eternals Writers Explain the Big Plot Hole With Harry Styles' Eros

If you were one of the lucky Eternals fans to avoid Twitter, then you were probably surprised to see the Marvel Cinematic Universe debut of Harry Styles as Thanos' brother Eros, aka Starfox. Appearing in a post-credits scene alongside Patton Oswalt's Pip the Troll, Starfox joins Thena, Makkari and, Druig in searching the cosmos for more of the Eternals' extended family. While we now know there was an Eternals deleted scene featuring more of Harry Styles's MCU character, some have started to question how Eros was aware of Angelina Jolie's Thena on Earth. Writers Ryan and Kaz Firpo have explained how the Harry Styles plot hole really works.

"I think that on each individual mission, they were not—they don't have any memories of communicating with other Eternals, I guess that's what I would say," Ryan and Kaz Firpo explained to The Direct. "Maybe it happened on other planets. Maybe they even got swapped, and they did other missions on other planets with a different group."

Ryan Firpo added, "But they don't have any memory of that because their memories are wiped between each mission. So they were clearly aware that there were other Eternals out there. That's built into their whole deal. But I don't think they were in active communication with them."

It would appear that some of the Earth Eternals may have gone on missions with other non-Earth Eternals, and had their minds wiped after the missions were completed. If Thena was off-Earth teaming up with Eros, then that would explain how he still knows who she is, while Thena was in the dark during the post-credits scene. This all sets up some prime storytelling possibilities in a sequel to Eternals. If relationships were formed and those individuals a part of it no longer have those memories, it can lead to some tense moments during the reunions.

Eternals producer Nate Moore talked with about how Marvel Studios went about casting Harry Styles as Eros/Starfox. "It's interesting. Starfox, Eros, I like that character very much, but he's super problematic in publishing, for reasons that even publishing kind of explores in the She-Hulk stuff, which I think is interesting," Moore said. "But when we decided to lean into Eros, the notion of a guy whose power is seduction and emotion control, that's a pretty specific ask for a piece of talent. And we talked about gender swapping, because really, Eros doesn't have to be a guy, but he is a guy, but it could be anything. It really is, who is just by being around them seductive. And that's a pretty short list and Chloé is admittedly a giant Harry Styles fan. And initially, we were like, 'Really?' But I promise you, if you ever get a chance to meet Harry Stiles, it's true."

"'You're just like, I love this guy. I love this guy. I don't know what it is. I love him.' He's funny. He's charming. He's nice to everybody. He is kind of Eros," Moore continued. "And so, it was an easy conversation. I think for him, it's bigger risk for Harry Styles to be in this movie than for us to cast Harry Styles. Because he has such a specific fan base and he's a musician, and now he's becoming an actor, but that's not necessarily his core thing. And to take a flyer on this really random character that he also knows is vaguely problematic, I think was sort of a bigger leap of faith for him. But I think the notion of Eros in the MCU going forward is so much fun. It's totally worth it."

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