Falcon and the Winter Soldier VFX Reel Shows Sam's Transformation to Captain America

Marvel Studios just released a brand new VFX reel that shows off Sam Wilson’s transformation [...]

Marvel Studios just released a brand new VFX reel that shows off Sam Wilson's transformation into the new Captain America. One of the most impressive sequences in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is that first mission. Anthony Mackie's character flies in tight quarters against enemies in flight suits and literal helicopters. Now, he didn't actually take to the skies, but the VFX team sells the illusion well in the featurette. Well, that sort of air combat finds its way to the season finale as well. Sam Wilson does his best to introduce Captain America to the world while saving the GRC council. The same sorts of amazing tricks make those wings feel real. Other small details also make you believe the kind of stunts he's pulling off are possible. It's breathtaking to see the illusion take hold. Check out the video up above to see it all in action.

Not too long ago, Mackie told Entertainment Tonight that his youngest sons didn't realize he was Captain America. So, maybe those effects work a bit too well for their own good.

"My little ones, they looked at it, and we're all sitting in the living room. Like I make my gourmet popcorn, and we're eating the popcorn. They're looking at the screen, and they're looking at me, once the popcorn is gone," he joked. "They're like, 'Dad, that guy looks just like you!' I said that I know. The five-year-old goes, 'He sounds like you too!' So, the older two are like, I can't believe these dudes aren't getting it. But, they can't put together that I'm on TV and on the couch at the same time. The little one goes, "You know Dad, you could be Captain America.' I was like thanks, man I appreciate it."

"It's funny because, I've watched all the episodes with my sons and their reactions were so funny. And I became a spectator, I became an audience member and was able to let go of it and watch it with them. So, it was a lot of fun. I had never had the experience of just sitting back and enjoying it as a parent, instead of an actor in the show," he revealed. "The overwhelming appreciation and love is something I expected because I'm a cup half full kind of guy. Just because there's one annoying person on the Internet, that doesn't cancel out the millions of good people on the Internet. I just look at it that way."

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