How The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Sets Up Armor Wars

As far as the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe goes, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier [...]

As far as the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe goes, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier propped up plenty of characters and plot devices for the studio to use in future properties. One of those future projects — the Don Cheadle-starring Armor Wars — has already been announced, and the finale of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier almost certainly lays the groundwork for the Disney+ show.

Spoilers up ahead! Proceed with caution if you've yet to catch yourself up on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

As the finale moved along, the identity of the Power Broker was finally revealed and, as most suspected, the villain turned out to be none other than Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp). Though she technically entered the United States illegally during the finale, a post-credits scene revealed she was granted a full pardon by the country. Not just that, but Carter was given her job back at the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre, where she worked alongside Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) during the events of Captain America: Civil War.

It's the last part of that bit that's most important.

Leaving her pardon hearing, Carter speaks with someone on the phone and informs them she now has direct access to the country's technology, equipment, and material. With Carter's plans as the Power Broker moving full steam ahead, it most definitely stands to reason she'll at least have a hand in Armor Wars, as Cheadle's War Machine and company look to stop a post-Blip arms race in the MCU.

"Where we've been sort of progressing Rhodey—even in the last film where he's now up again and he's now walking again and he's now mobile again—so as the technology continues to develop and we keep making innovations in the suit and what happens, I imagine there's gonna be another elevation and another way that we're going to keep digging into that part of Rhodey," Cheadle previously told BroBible. "But really, figuring out a way to bridge what's happening in the comic books with what's happening on screen in the MCU and how we're going to make those worlds work, that's really exciting."

Watch The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+. Armor Wars has yet to set a release date.

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