Falcon and Winter Soldier Star Daniel Bruhl Reveals Secret Motivation Behind Zemo Dance Moves

Daniel Bruhl revealed that there’s a secret character motivation for Zemo’s slick dance moves [...]

Daniel Bruhl revealed that there's a secret character motivation for Zemo's slick dance moves in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. In a conversation with Entertainment Tonight, the actor explained that busting out that fist pump and deliberate groove is meant to keep Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes off of his trail. Fans seem to forget that the Baron is technically still a prisoner during the series. (Despite him being in the wind at the time of writing.) But, yes, he's supposed to be under control, and every time the heroes lose sight of him for just a second, it proves to be disastrous. Zemo has assassinated the doctor responsible for resurrecting the Super Soldier Serum, destroyed almost all the vials, and came just close enough to killing some of the Flag Smashers. So, he's going to need to lay low for the rest of the series if he wants to remain a free man. Check out Bruhl's explanation here:

"What we see in Madripoor, this is Zemo," he begins. "It wasn't on the page, it was improvised. I thought it was so much fun because this guy has been sitting and rotting in a german prison cell. So, it's time to let off some steam. I like the way that Sam and Buck react to it, being truly annoyed. I thought for Zemo, his tactic is the more noticeable you are in that moment, the less suspicion that you arouse. But, I think Sam and Bucky clearly see that differently."

In some other comments about the party scene, the actor also talks about Marvel Studios keeping things open enough for him to cut loose and really connect with the fans in that way.

Bruhl admitted, "Another thing that I'm very happy they kept was the dance. There are some moments where you're not sure if they'll really keep it in the final cut, but they did. And that's something I enjoy so much about working with Marvel in general. They create this atmosphere of looseness, fearlessness, and joy. That's the way it should be.

"Anyway, on endeavors like these, I'm sometimes really impressed because there's so much pressure — and there must be. It's such a gigantic project, and you're almost surprised by how light, warm and welcoming the tone and vibe is on set," he added. "And that allows you to try things and not be restrained. So you go for some funky choices like dancing or the chin. So it's nice that this is accepted and embraced."

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