FOX Rumored To Hit Reset Button On X-Men Movies

The hopes for X-Men: Apocalypse were quite high, but unfortunately for FOX, audiences just weren't [...]

The hopes for X-Men: Apocalypse were quite high, but unfortunately for FOX, audiences just weren't as engaged with the newest X-Men entry as they were with the previous one, Days of Future Past. That, combined with other delayed and concluding projects have led some to believe a rebirth is in order.

That feeling is starting to spread behind closed doors, and in one case has already been ordered. Apocalypse director Bryan Singer will not return for the next core entry in the X-Men franchise according to THR sources, and producer and writer Simon Kinberg is already working a new script that will reconfigure the series.

It also bears noting that franchise stars, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy, and Nicholas Hoult have reached the end of their three picture contracts, though sources say that Kinberg's script is keeping them in mind. If the studio does want to build from the ground up, it might be time to build a completely new cast, as if they use the pieces of the old franchise they will just paint themselves into another hole timeline wise.

Many had hoped that FOX would reach an agreement with Marvel Studios similar to Sony's deal, which allows the characters to crossover into the cinematic universe and gives Marvel some degree of control over the character again in his solo features. If FOX is rebooting the franchise, that will likely not happen anytime soon.

FOX has had an uphill battle with the franchise in recent months, with the oft-delayed Gambit solo film starring Channing Tatum delayed yet again after losing its director Doug Liman. The immensely anticipated Deadpool 2 sequel has also gotten off to a rough start thanks to Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds butting heads on creative differences, leading Miller to exit the project completely. The lone bright spot has been James Mangold's Logan, which premiered its first trailer to incredibly positive response. Unfortunately, FOX can't build on that going forward, as this will be Hugh Jackman's last time in the role.