'Gambit' Star Channing Tatum Dressed As Disney's Genie For Halloween

Channing Tatum has waited a long time to suit up as Marvel's Gambit, but for Halloween, he decided to take on the guise of another famous character, the Genie from Aladdin.

Tatum posted a new photo of himself in full Disney gear for Halloween. We aren't sure where he is in the photo, but he's got a full blue suit and a mask and is sporting a Genie-like pose. Tatum posted the photo as part of his Instagram story, and you can check out the photo below.

Fans will see a different person taking on the role of the genie in Disney's upcoming live-action Aladdin. The role will be a CGI undertaking, but fans will hear Will Smith's voice when he speaks. So far we haven't actually seen any footage of the Genie, even in the initial teaser Disney released for the film last month, but hopefully, we'll see something soon.

(Photo: Instagram)

The part of the Genie was originally played by beloved icon Robin Williams, who brought the character to life in a one of a kind way. It will be interesting to see what Smith's version of the character feels like, but it's not going to be easy to follow such a grand performance.

As for Tatum, the actor has been attached to the Gambit role for quite some time, and despite having a few directors attached at one time or another the film can't seem to fully get off the ground. In fact, in the time that has passed since first announced the film is actually quite different in plot and premise than the original script, something producer Simon Kinberg recently explained as a change from a heist movie to something more akin to a love story.


‘You are absolutely right [that this is a different version]," Kinberg said. "There are elements that are similar, but it is different in tone, almost in sub-genre—one of the things that we’ve done with these standalone movies […] is that we’ve tried to create sort of sub-genres within the superhero genre when it comes to these standalone movies; even Deadpool itself is like a raunchy R-rated comedy, not just a superhero film. So Gambit became something different over the span of developing it with Channing, with his partner Reid [Carolin], with Josh Zetumer the screenwriter. It is something that we intend to make but listen I’m Jewish, so my expectation for everything is I don’t believe anything until it’s out in movie theaters. So I share your cynicism generally, but in this particular case we’re working very hard to get the movie going.”

Gambit is slated to hit theaters on March 13th, 2020.