Has The Infinity Stone In Doctor Strange Been Confirmed In New TV Spot?

A new television spot has been released for Doctor Strange, and it'll certainly send you on a trip. The dizzying trailer shows Doctor Strange as he turns back time, winding through his origin story in reverse - but could there be more to the footage than meets the eye?

It seems so. We'll have to consult the Eye of Agamotto to be certain.

Fans are buzzing about the television spot as it apparently confirms their long-held suspicion that Doctor Strange wields the Time Stone. The gem is one of two Infinity Stones which have yet to shown in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and rumors have persisted about Doctor Strange owning the item.

Tonight's release of "Time" certainly seems to back up those beliefs. The short trailer begins with Doctor Strange facing off against a character named Kaecilius. The hero looks worse for wear, but when the villain comes to attack the sorcerer, he's able to fend him off with an unintelligible spell. His magic glows bright green before the trailer is suddenly thrown into reverse, allowing fans to catch mind-bending glimpses into the hero's origin story.

The trailer has also leant itself to the rumors because of its timely concerns. And, what's more, the footage teases fans that Doctor Strange's time "is now" and that this is "just the beginning." The wonky timeline has certainly thrown fans and have led them to believe the chaotic footage all but confirms the presence of the Time Stone in Doctor Strange.

Of course, fans have known the film would include an Infinity Stone of some sort. During a recent set visit, ComicBook.com learned the Eye of Agamotto held a mysterious stone. Prop Master Barry Gibbs revealed the amulet's treasure and said it was difficult to create a functional design for the piece.

"I've got a board laid out with how many stones we went through," Gibbs said, referring to the design possibilities of the stone. "I think there was something like 24 color variations of the stone. When [the Eye] opened, it was supposed to be an natural stone."

Of course, Gibbs wasn't able to discuss which Stone was housed in the Eye of Agamotto. However, fans assumed it would be the Time Stone based on previous comments from Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios. During an interview, Feige said the Eye of Agamotto can be used to manipulate time - something which the Time Stone does very well.


While some may pass off the Stone's appearance as regular magic, the gem will have to be introduced to the MCU sooner rather than later. With Thanos on a hunt for the Stones, the Mad Titan will be needing the Time Stone to power the fabled Infinity Gauntlet. The other gem still missing from the films is the Soul Stone, a jewel that collects and even imprisons souls.

And, what's more, concept art has depicted the various Infinity Stones in their different colors - and green gem is still missing from the screen. Whether it's a coincidence that Doctor Strange's powers glow green, that'll be for you to decided.


So, what do you think? Do you believe the Time Stone was just confirmed for Doctor Strange? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Marvel's Doctor Strange will reach audiences on November 4, 2016.