Hawkeye's Vincent D'Onofrio Suggested Kingpin's New Tropical Look

The Kingpin is back. Vincent D'Onofrio has returned to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as one Wilson Fisk. While the character has been a trending topic for much of the week with the reveal he's officially back, one particular aspect of the character stood out to many: Fisk's choice in clothing. While he was still donning a suave white suit, he wore a red floral-print shirt underneath.

As it turns out, it was D'Onofrio's idea he took to the wardrobe department. After all, the actor tells us he's a major fan of the Family Business graphic novel the look was first featured in.

"I may have told you this before, but the screensaver on my computer is that Family Business cover of him in that shirt," D'Onofrio says. "It has been for several years. And yeah, that is something that I brought to the table for Hawkeye."

As the actor told us, he wasn't approached to reprise his role until after Hawkeye had already started to film.

Directors Bert and Bertie revealed last week just how excited they were to work with the actor.

"The thing about Vincent is he and his doubles would arrive under cloaks because no one could see them," Bert, one half of the directing duo Bert and Bertie, told Buzzfeed of D'Onofrio's role in Episodes 5 and 6. "We were filming some things in public places and we had to get them to set. We realized the scale of how important it was to keep it a secret, so we would smuggle them in under black cloaks. Vincent and his doubles too because once you see his double, you would know it's Kingpin."

"It was really fun to see how we keep the secrecy in this Marvel world," Bert added.  

All six episodes of Hawkeye are now streaming on Disney+ while Spider-Man: No Way Home is exclusively in theaters.

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