Helstrom Begins Filming As We Still Don't Know Who's in the Marvel Show

A few weeks back, we broke the news Hulu's Helstrom would begin filming on October 7th and as fate would have it, it appears the show has kicked off even earlier than that — in fact, it's seemingly currently in production as we speak. Helstrom production designer Todd Fjelsted took to Instagram over the weekend to share the fact production was starting and by now, the series has been in production for a few days. More peculiar than that, no concrete casting information has surfaced in regards to the show — likely meaning casting in imminent.

When we found out production was starting October 7th, it was scheduled to last through February 28th, something that matches up with Fjelsted's Instagram post. Despite having a panel from Hulu's Runaways at New York Comic Con this weekend, Marvel Television chose to withhold any Helstrom information — including who'd be playing Daimon and Satana "Ana" Helstrom — likely pushing any announcements back to this week or next, especially in light of Hulu pulling the plug on Ghost Rider so recently.

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Me trying to pretend like my life isn’t gonna vanish when we start shooting tmrw and don’t stop til March 😱

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When Helstrom was first announced, it was revealed as a series alongside the Gabriel Luna-starring Ghost Rider. Marvel Television boss Jeph Loeb then went on record to say the two shows would launch Marvel's "Adventure into Fear," a set of shows dedicated to terror-based properties. At the time, Loeb also revealed one or two more shows had yet to be revealed for inclusion on Hulu.

"Something that really interested us and interested them, and we always knew that we were going to do something with Ghost Rider, we were just waiting for the right place to put it," Loeb says. "Then we started having the same conversation, which was there is in the comic book world the Spirits of Vengeance, and they are this sort of unusual group of characters, which involve Ghost Rider, which involves Helstrom, which involve Helstrom’s sister, Anna. We suddenly saw that there were three or four shows that we could put together that we now refer to as Adventure into Fear."

It's unclear what the additional shows would be, though Helstrom and Ghost Rider were trademarked by Marvel the same time Glyph and Spirits of Vengeance were.


Helstrom is set for release in 2020.

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