'Iron Fist' Season 2 Makes SPOILER the New Iron Fist

WARNING: This Article Contains Major Spoilers!

Marvel TV has just premiered season 2 of Iron Fist on Netflix. While many Marvel Cinematic Universe fans will want to experience the new season in all of its binge-watch glory, there are some fans who just want to know the major bullet points of how Iron Fist's sophomore season affects the the larger MCU saga. That's where we come in!

Of all the developments that occur in Iron Fist season 2, the one that fans will be talking about the most is no doubt the season finale twist that sees Danny Rand's love interest Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) inherit the power of the Iron Fist!

Iron Fist Season 2 Colleen Wing Becomes New Iron Fist

Iron Fist season 2 explored the existential crisis Danny Rand faced after the events of Iron Fist season 1 and The Defenders, as his destiny as the Iron Fist entered a new and unwritten chapter. Danny's mission to fill Daredevil's void as protector of the NYC streets sated him for awhile, but the power of the fist slowly but surely crept into his head, making Danny more reckless and aggressive than he'd ever been. However, that downward spiral comes to an abrupt end when Davos eventually steals the power of the Iron Fist away from Danny, using an ancient K'un Lun ritual of chi transference.

Danny and Colleen spend much of Iron Fist season 2's back half trying to get Danny back on his feet and gather the necessary tools to recreate the ritual in order to steal the Iron Fist back from Davos. But as the time to hatch the plan gets closer, Danny has a massive change of heart: he wants Colleen to take the power of the fist, believing she can do something more noble with it than the violent mission that K'un Lun beat into he and Davos' heads since they were children. Colleen is relunctant at first, but after Davos' henchmen kill a young street gang kid she hoped to save, Colleen realizes (with a nice push from Misty Knight) that there is still good she can do with the fist.

The transference ritual with Davos doesn't go smoothly (it's only halfway completed), and Iron Fist season 2's finale saw Danny and Colleen having to get into a direct fight with Davos, forcibly subduing him to complete the transfer of power. In the end, Colleen is left with a glowing arua as her version of the Iron Fist, and accepts her role as a heroic protector - even at the possible cost of her personal relationship with Danny. As Danny soon discovers, this transfer isn't just arbitrary - it may be destiny. Danny discovers evidence that Colleen may be descended from Wu Ao-Shi, the pirate queen who was the first female Iron Fist!

After some time has passed, we catch up with Colleen as the new hero defending the streets, and find out she's taken the Iron Fist power further than Danny and Davos ever did - she can channel the power of the fist through her katana sword!

This is a massive twist that was never done in Marvel Comics, and a perfect indicator of what Iron Fist stars Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick teased, when they said that the season 2 finale leaves the series in a place that is, "way off book." It's also sure to be a controversial discussion topic with Marvel fans, many of whom love the MCU version of Colleen Wing, but still can be touchy when it comes to making big changes to Marvel canon.


What did you think of this Iron Fist season 2 finale twist? Are you excited to see Colleen Wing as the new Iron Fist? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Iron Fist season 2 is now streaming on Netflix. Daredevil season 3 will air sometime in late 2018.