Ironheart Debuts First Footage and New Logo for Marvel's Disney+ Series

Ironheart confirmed a bunch of casting news today and showed off some footage at D23 Expo. Marvel Studios has been on a roll this weekend, confirming reports and giving fans new glimpses at their favorite heroes. Dominique Thorne actually appears as RiRi Williams in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever first, but her big adventure on Disney+ has been building quite the buzz. In the clip released to the public, her studies at MIT come into focus. She's testing technology and confidently says "I'm an engineer." Anthony Ramos' The Hood also plays a big role and actually came out to say a few words to the crowd. He says that his character is "a bit good and a bit bad." He also joked that he kicks a lot of butt. (Feige should have busted out a "LANGUAGE!" but played along.

Angela Barnes and Sam Bailey are directing the series. A number of stars including Ramos, Shea Coulee, Alden Ehrenreich and Zoe Terakes have been cast in Ironheart. So, there's a lot to be excited for when it comes to the prospective Young Avenger. (Or maybe Champion… who knows what Marvel Studios will end up calling the inevitable crossover featuring the new kids on the block.) This is going to be a wild struggle between magic and technology.

Back when Thorne was announced as Ironheart, the actress couldn't withhold her excitement. She called it the single best phone call she's ever received. 

"I was at home in Delaware and I got a call asking if I would like to play this role. It was the best phone call I could have ever received," Thorne remembered. "I was so shocked, in fact, that there was a considerable lag in the conversation! (laughs). I was waiting for them to say, like, 'Oh, we'll send you the sides,' or, 'Get your tape over to us.' But there was none of that. It was just like, 'Would you like to do this?' It was probably the most unique experience I've ever had because there was no audition at all."

In her media availability, she also discussed how story plays a role when selecting roles. Character might actually take a bit of a backseat to the overall narrative.

"For me, at this point, it's really about the story," Thorne shared. "That's what many of us who enter into this profession think. What draws you in is the ability to tell stories that mean something to people. In high school, the motto was to empathize, to empower, or to educate and so that is what I still abide by today. So hopefully, I'm involved in a story that is doing that. There are real people with real stories and real emotions at the center of it. Even if it's not my experience or your experience, it allows somebody the opportunity to be changed; the opportunity to have their mind expanded or get educated in a new way. I think that's one of the most beautiful and powerful things that this form is capable of." 

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