Jamie Chung Cast As Blink In X-Men TV Pilot

FOX's X-Men pilot has added a big name to its yet untitled Marvel project, and longtime fans of the Exiles and Age of Apocalypse should be quite happy.

FOX has added Gotham star Jamie Chung to the been cast as the teleporting mutant known as Blink (via Deadline). Chung has had a successful run on Gotham as Valerie Vale, but the character's arc came to a somewhat natural conclusion (thanks to the Mad Hatter), and this casting signifies she is unlikely to return for awhile.

She'll be playing fan favorite Blink, real name Clarice Fong (Ferguson in the comics). Blink has the ability to teleport almost anywhere, and can also focus her abilities into spear-like forms, giving her and endless amount of range. The most popular version of the character was introduced during the popular Age of Apocalypse storyline, and the character went on to headline her own team in the beloved Exiles series.

Blink has already made an appearance in FOX's X-Men film franchise in Days of Future Past, but the character did not return in X-Men: Apocalypse.

The X-Men pilot is being written by Matt Nix and directed by Bryan Singer, with a script that focuses on two parents who discover their children are mutants. The family has to go on the run, and joins an underground network dedicated to saving mutants.

The series would join FOX's already successful Legion as the second X-Men property currently on the network.

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