Jessica Jones Season 3 Reveals First Look At Foolkiller

Jessica Jones season 3 will be the final season of the fan favorite show, but it is going to go out with a bang, and part of that is due to the season's big villain, Foolkiller. Fans got a big dose of what to expect from the villain from the recent season 3 trailer, showing that he is quite resentful of how many chances Jessica has been given over the course of her career, and he is looking to close the book on her for good. We know that Jessica and Trish can both handle themselves, but as we see in the trailer, Gregory Salinger is going to use every possible angle to take them down.

Early on when describing him to Trish Jessica says he is "smarter than the two of us combined", and then we see him trying to get into Jessica's head by leaving her a bag filled with money, each bill having words like Fraud and Hero? written in blood. He then ends the trailer by narrating "Jessica Jones. You believed you could save the world, but you're terrified you've already failed them, and you have because you are not and never will be a hero."

You can see the new villain in the trailer featured above.

(Photo: Netflix)

Sallinger is actually the second person to take on the Foolkiller mantle (the first was Ross Everbest), but he is the most well-known in the role. The name comes from the original person to wear the mangle, who believed that the decay in society was because of agents of Satan and fools. Thus he decided he would be the one to room all fo those fools out, and starting killing them under the guise of Foolkiller.

Salinger would take on the mantle but wasn't as extreme, though he would still blame societal decay on fools and execute them as he saw fit. In recent years the character has been given a more lighthearted tone as part of Deadpool's Mercs for Money crew, though Jessica Jones season 3 seems to be basing their take on the more original incarnations of the character.


Fans can see Jessica take on Foolkiller when Jessica Jones season 3 hits Netflix on June 14th.