Watch Jimmy Woo Explain His Magic Progression From Ant-Man to WandaVision

Of all the madness in the latest episode of WandaVision, it was one moment in particular which left Marvel fans buzzing above all else. Jimmy Woo returned to the Marvel Cinematic Universe after roles in the Ant-Man movies and he finally learned the close-up magic card tricks which Scott Lang had been performing so effortlessly. In introducing himself to Monica Rambeau, Randall Park's Jimmy Woo whipped a business card into his hand out of thin air and Marvel fans went wild with pride for him! Now, in an interview with, Woo has opened up about this impressive growth. Of course, this is Randall Park talking, but it does feel a lot like he slipped back into character for a moment.

"Well, you know, it takes years of training. It takes years and years of training," Park says when asked how he finally learned to master the card trick. "All I've gotta say is you've gotta commit to the work." This is when I tried to get fancy with the cards myself and endeed up launching the deck across my man cave. "I was there at one point," Park said. I still like to think it was Jimmy Woo talking.

Check out the clip off Park talking about Jimmy Woo's card trick below (and watch the full interview in the video above).

As it turns out, the meetings and information about the series were not kept as tightly of a secret with WandaVision as some previous Marvel projects. Park, who did not debut in the series until its fourth episode, was given the keys to the WandaVision story's kingdom before production began.

"The first meeting I had with Jac Schaeffer, the head writer, this is after I obviously found out they were interested in having Jimmy Woo back. I was like, 'Yes!' right away. No question," Park explains. "They called me in to break down the show to me, the idea. I was blown away. They pretty much had this thing conceptualized pretty early on. The sitcom elements, all that. This anomaly in Westview, they were all there. So, for me, it was just that one meeting, sitting in that conference room being told essentially the whole story was really mind blowing."


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