John Boyega Responds To Playing Either Green Lantern Or Blade

Star Wars and Pacific Rim Uprising star John Boyega is down to join either the Marvel Cinematic [...]

Star Wars and Pacific Rim Uprising star John Boyega is down to join either the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the DC Extended Universe — but maybe not as Blade or Green Lantern, he tells Screen Rant.

"I mean, yeah!" Boyega said when asked if he'd be interested in joining the comic book cinematic universes. "I mean, that wouldn't be a problem. I just don't know who."

Responding to suggestions of DC's John Stewart, an architect-turned-cosmic cop, and Marvel's Blade, a half-vampire monster slayer, Boyega said, "They're doing a Green Lantern?" Boyega's reaction, as described by Screen Rant, was to "negatively groan" and say, "Sss... hmmm... eghh," before laughing.

"And Wesley, man," Boyega added, referring to original Blade star Wesley Snipes, "That's Wesley for Blade. I would want to see Wesley."

Snipes starred as the character in three New Line Cinema films between 1998 and 2004. Popular artist BossLogic dropped his take on what Boyega could look like as Blade last week.

John Stewart, best remembered for his role as one of the premiere members of the Justice League in the 2001 animated series, was DC Comics' first African-American superhero and has yet to make the jump to live-action. (Warner Bros. most recently cast another animated iteration of the character to appear on the big screen in July's Teen Titans GO! To the Movies.)

Boyega's Pacific Rim Uprising co-star Scott Eastwood, who plays the best friend and co-pilot of Boyega's character, has made mention several times of his hopes to take over the role of the X-Men's Wolverine.

While Boyega shows an obvious lack of interest in tackling Warner Bros.' proposed Green Lantern reboot known as Green Lantern Corps, This Is Us and Black Panther star Sterling K. Brown took to social media to declare his own interest in the role of John Stewart.

Fast and the Furious franchise star Tyrese Gibson has also actively campaigned for the role and has claimed to have met with Warner Bros. about starring as the space bound superhero.

Boyega next stars as Jake Pentecost, son of Idris Elba's Stacker Pentecost, in Pacific Rim Uprising, out March 23. The actor will reprise his role as heroic Resistance fighter Finn in Star Wars: Episode IX, out December 20, 2019.

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