Kevin Feige Teases What If? Storylines Will Get Live-Action Spinoffs

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige is teasing fans with the ideas that some of the wild out there concepts we saw in Marvel's What If...? animated series will actually make it into the live-action Marvel Cinematic Universe! The latest episode of Marvel's behind-the-scenes series Marvel Studios: Assembled takes a look at the making of What If...?, and during the interviews with the powers that be at Marvel Studios, Feige dropped the tantalizing tease that the stories we see in What If...? and the upcoming What If...? Season 2 could actually "spin into other mediums." 

Here's Kevin Feige's full quote from his segment of Marvel Studios: Assembled

"I really believe the deepening fictional mythologies is a way to appreciate them more, is a way to understand them more, look at them in a different way. They've got now two seasons of What If...? ideas underway that's some of the best storytelling we've ever had that you may see spin into other mediums. It's really the most uniquely beautiful animated series I've seen in a long time."

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

 What If...? was something of a hit-or-miss experience for a lot of MCU fans. The anthology series and its different stories about alternate universe experiences of Marvel heroes and villains connected with different fans in different ways, so it will be interesting to see which of those concepts will be 'spun into other mediums' like Feige said. 

Easy early guesses are that Hayley Atwell's Captain Carter could be an easy hero to spinoff into the live-action MCU - while some fans think the monstrous Doctor Strange Supreme could be a key player in some of the upcoming Marvel Multiverse films (Spider-Man: No Way Home, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness). The finale of What If...? also placed Cosmic-powered villains Infinity Ultron (possessed by Arnim Zola's A.I.) and "Prince" Killmonger on an indefinite back-burner, trapped in a pocket dimension that Strange Supreme is safeguarding. If Strange Supreme is called to action in Doctor Strange 2, those two villains could be brought back to the live-action MCU, as actors like Toby Jones (Zola) and Michael B. Jordan (Killmonger) would likely be game to jump back in. There are also any number of side or cameo characters from What If...? that would probably offer fun opportunity for longitme MCU stars to do something different - from Gamora The Mad Titan to the Marvel Zombie hordes

Marvel's What If...? is now streaming on Disney+