'Legion': Syd Will Train With Farouk to Face David in Final Season

Syd is going to be spending more time with Legion’s Shadow King in the Marvel series’ final [...]

Syd is going to be spending more time with Legion's Shadow King in the Marvel series' final season.

Speaking to ComicBook.com at the TCA Winter 2019 Press Tour, star Rachel Keller says Syd is working with Farouk to prepare for a showdown with David.

"Well we leave her where you know this unconditional love that she had for David was kind of put into question because of his actions," Keller says. "And then they separate and time has passed so she's been reflecting and kind of growing and training with Farouk. Learning more about her mind and how she could confront him. And she wants to confront him for the world and for herself. So it's sort of the journey of her trying, making decisions, making the steps, taking action, you know taking five steps back, ten steps forward...We sort of see her on this little exploration of herself and of this love that she had with David."

Keller also touched upon Syd's feelings towards David after how the show's second season ended.

"She loves him," Keller says. "And, I don't know, you always sort of love someone that you've loved. Even if they've done bad things. Or maybe that's the question that we need to be exploring. So I wasn't tied to any kind of version of their relationship. And I think relationships change. Friendships grow. Loved ones change and move. And so I was sort of thrilled by the prospect of well, what does this mean for them? And what are they gonna do? Because they do love each other, but now they have all of this behavior that they have to deal with and yeah."

Keller has spoken previously about Syd becoming the hero of Legion in its final season.

"It was hard to balance future and present Syd because I was so invested was happening with present Syd," Keller explained of the show's time-traveling elements during a panel at San Diego Comic-Con. "But I am so excited to see where we go from here with Syd the hero of season three.

"The most important thing is how Syd will react if he plans don't go as planned as a hero. When what she loves and wants do not necessarily coincide. How she reacts will show who she is as a hero"

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Legion returns to FX this summer.

Additional reporting by Scott Huver