Loki Composer Natalie Holt Teases Soundtrack News

The God of Mischief upgraded from supporting to leading character in Summer 2021. Disney+'s Loki took Tom Hiddleston's trickster on his own solo adventure for the first time, picking up where one particular Avengers: Endgame event left off. Following his unexpected escape with the tesseract in 2012, Loki got on the radar of the Time Variance Authority. While most variants would be pruned to the Void, the frost giant turned Asgardian was brought into the TVA's fold to help with a crucial mission. This narrative took Loki through various points in both space and time and ended with one of Phase 4's biggest cliffhangers.

The Phase 4 superlatives for Loki did not end there either. The six-episode season was showered with award nominations, racking up multiple nods at the Emmys, Critics' Choice, and People's Choice Awards. Much of that praise went to Hiddleston's performance but a significant amount of the shine was on composer Natalie Holt. Holt was personally nominated for two Primetime Emmy awards for both the Loki main title theme as well as the show's overall music composition. The West Sussex native will be back for Season 2.

While details surrounding that sophomore installment have been relatively quiet, Holt is teasing that updates are on the way.

"Some Loki soundtrack news coming soon..." Holt wrote on Twitter.

Holt could be hinting as the Loki Season 2 soundtrack track list, as it is not uncommon for blockbuster projects to release the score titles ahead of release. That said, Loki Season 2 is currently listed as "coming soon" on Disney+'s website, a pivot away from the original Summer 2023 release window. With an air of uncertainty surrounding the Season 2 premiere, it's unlikely that a full track list would come this early.

The most likely outcome is that this tease is related to Loki Season 1 being put on vinyl. Holt tagged MONDO in the image, which is an online store that makes posters, vinyl soundtracks and more. MONDO teased that they would be creating a vinyl soundtrack for Loki "very soon" back in August 2022. The long-awaited vinyl could finally be making its arrival if Holt's tease is indeed leading to this.

Loki Season 1 is currently streaming on Disney+.