Loki Director Teases "Interesting" Journey For Miss Minutes

The second episode of Disney+'s Loki is now out into the world, and it's filled with moments that [...]

The second episode of Disney+'s Loki is now out into the world, and it's filled with moments that fans are still trying to process. In and amidst the crazy changes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its timeline, the episode had some adorable moments for Miss Minutes (Tara Strong), the cartoon clock mascot for the Time Variance Authority. While her appearance in the episode was brief, it definitely raised some questions — and according to series director Kate Herron, it will go into some unexpected directions. Spoilers for the second episode of Loki, titled "The Variant", below! Only look if you want to know!

Early on in the episode, Miss Minutes can be seen quizzing Loki (Tom Hiddleston) about the TVA procedures, with her demeanor sparking questions from the God of Mischief. Loki proceeds to ask Miss Minutes if she is a recording or "alive", and she responds with "Uh, sorta both."

According to an interview Herron did with the Los Angeles Times, Miss Minutes will go on an "interesting" character journey throughout the season. The director also revealed the "quite scary" way that the series shot the Miss Minutes sequences, in order to account for the space the character will take up in CGI.

"It was basically like a lamp that we stuck little cardboard eyes on," Herron revealed. "She was this little lamp on suitcase wheels that we'd spin around … She's a light because she lights the scene because the character is illuminated. Then you replace the terrifying lamp with a lovely cartoon."

While Miss Minutes is definitely an unexpected addition to the larger MCU, Herron revealed the unique way the character came to life.

"One thing I would say that's so fun about it to me is that the show has a lot of British sensibilities and British comedy because that's me," Herron told Screen Rant earlier this year. "But Michael Waldron, our writer, is from the south in America. And I feel Miss Minutes is him in a way, like just the way she talks."

"And I think it's so fun because initially, we have Miss Minutes [as] kind of our introduction to the TVA. She was almost like our Mr. DNA from Jurassic Park, in that she was explaining: who are the TVA? How does the world work? What are the rules? And I think that was fun in itself," Herron added. "But then I think we found, as we were developing the stories more, we just kept wanting to bring her back and spend more time with her because she's such fun."

New episodes of Loki will drop on Disney+ on Wednesdays. If you haven't signed up for Disney+ yet, you can try it out here.

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