Loki Director Says Mobius Had a Family Backstory That Might Change (Phase Zero Exclusive)

Loki's first season came to an end last week, but the show's post-credits confirmed that Tom [...]

Loki's first season came to an end last week, but the show's post-credits confirmed that Tom Hiddleston would be returning for a second season. Unfortunately, director Kate Herron will be not be taking the helm of season two as she is moving on to other projects. However, it's clear Herron loved her time on the series and has been enjoying talking about it now that the season has come to an end. In fact, she recently paid a visit to ComicBook.com's Phase Zero podcast and dissected the show from start to finish. One Loki topic that came up was that of Mobius M. Mobius, the character played by Owen Wilson. Not much is known about the character before he was snatched by the TVA, but according to Herron, the show almost featured some flashes of his former life.

"So I think for us, we had spoken about, I think there were a few drafts of the script where you did see like a family or you did see a life, but I think we all kind of decided we don't know what it is yet. And I think that's exciting, right? Because it gives more road to travel with him. And I think it's more painful when he is going to be deleted, him saying, 'What if I had a family' Because, maybe he did or maybe he didn't, I don't know where the writers will take his character," Herron explained.

"But, I think that the main thing we felt was that I think it was just that kind of in the turning of amping up the tension, it was more effective, I think would B-15, for example, her seeing her memories and seeing the impact that had upon her life," she continued. "And then I think that kind of echoes then across everyone in the TVA, because, you see how much it moves her and what she does because of what she sees. So I think for us, it felt like at least in this part of the show that we didn't want to necessarily do flashbacks. But yeah, I think the writers and I definitely had spoken about it and explored it with the studio. But I think we all decide to just in terms of when everything started to line up, oh, it's actually better to play out this way and then it can be left open for future exploration basically."

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You can listen to the full Phase Zero episode with Kate Herron here. The finale of Loki is now streaming on Disney+.

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