Loki Episode 3 Reaction and Easter Egg Breakdown (With Video)

Loki episode 3 brought us to a brand new time and planet, and it might have actually brought an [...]

Loki episode 3 brought us to a brand new time and planet, and it might have actually brought an Infinity Stone back into play. This is your Loki episode 3 breakdown in article form below and video form above. It's a spoiler-filled theory session so you've been warned! Feel free to bookmark the page and come back tomorrow! The quick review of this character-developing side quest comes at the end, following a theory that Infinity Stones are coming back into play after being billed as paperweights. Lots of Marvel Easter eggs and ties to the MCU and comics here, so let's jump in!

To star, Sylvie is with the TVA agent that she mind-napped and they're sipping frozen margs. There's a nice nod to the fact that she doesn't suffer from brain freezes because she's part Frost Giant, part of Loki's history, thus confirming she is a Loki.

In comics, there is Lady Loki; a character born out of Ragnarok when a body was created for Sif following the destruction of Asgard but was taken over by Loki and he inhabited it for a while. There is also Sylvia, a character from Oklahom, which is a place we've visited in this series already. Sylvie got her powers from Loki and is more like a character called Enchantress than she is like Loki. The show's version is probably just an amalgamation of the Sylvie version of Enchantress and Lady Loki.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

We can, however, get crazy and presume there will be some sort of time travel paradox type story where Loki is convinced to visit the past and give Sylvie her powers. There is a story in the Agent of Asgard comics which has already been nodded to by one of her horns being broken when an older Loki messes with the past to ensure he becomes who he is, so maybe Old Man Loki is still ahead of us in the back half of the first season.

Lady Loki gets to the TVA and tries to use her powers but magic doesn't work there, so this is probably her first time actually getting here if she didn't already know that. Loki shows up and grabs his knives from the TVA lockers because all the agents are out trying to fix all of the bombed timelines. He does his little flippy flip with his knifey knife like we saw on the bridge in Thor: Ragnarok, and then they are transported to 2077 on Lamentis-1. Lamentis-1 does exist in comics but never becomes very significant, kinda like it won't her. It's about be destroyed with a planet crashing into it which gives me vibes of Thanos throwing a moon in Infinity War.

They run into a woman who is riding out the apocalypse, she might look familiar as she's played by Cobra Kai's Susan Gallagher, aka Lynn, and she goes all Cobra Kai on them and yeets them from her door frame but not before calling Loki the Devil, so, Mephisto confirmed. (Just kidding.)

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Loki and Sylvie have a conversation on the train, showing us they had drastically different upbringings -- Loki says he's adopted which is exactly what Thor said about him in the first Avengers movie and Sylvie can't really remember all of the details of her life -- which means either she's lying or she's from another reality which she has spent so much time away from that her memories of it are starting to fade.

It also comes with confirmation that Loki is bisexual, giving the first real bit of representation to the LGBTQ community in the MCU because that cameo in Avengers: Endgame was nowhere near as meaningful and this is a big W during Pride Month -- and it's also comics accurate and Nors mythology accurate so it's all a win. Director Kate Herron weighed in on Twitter, saying, "it was very important to me, and my goal, to acknowledge Loki was bisexual. It is a part of who he is and who I am too. I know this is a small step but I'm happy, and heart is so full, to say that this is now Canon in MCU."

(Photo: Marvel Studios / Thor)

Loki smashes a glass on the train and demands, "Another," prompting us all to Leonardo DiCaprio out of our seats and remember the moment in 2011's Thor when Thor did the same thing.

Loki gets drunk and gets yeeted from the train, whipping his hair back like he did after the run in with Doctor Strange in Thor: Ragnarok and uses his "glorious purpose" phase to mock Sylvie. Really, he is also mocking himself from the first Avengers movie where he used that line first because he has now learned he really had no glorious purpose. The TVA showed him his life ends when Thanos kills him.

We also learn the TVA people are actually people, all variants plucked from various timelines, so Mobius probably came straight out of the 90s and we might still get to see him ride off into the sunset on a jet ski but it might also reesult in the show having multiple (or infinite) versions of Mobius like the TVA does in comics.

An awesome single-shot action scene plays out on Lamentis (props to director Kate Herron), we see an Infinity sign (which might be a nod to Loki and Sylvie being trapped in a time loop), and we also see Loki uses telekinetic powers to reverse a falling building. It looks a lot like when Doctor Strange rewinds time with the Time Stone and part of me wonders if Loki actually took one of the Time Stones from the TVA because he did pick up the green one when he looked in Casey's drawer back in Episode 1. We saw him use telekinetic powers in Episode 2 when he snagged a robot vacuum to use as a weapon but stopping a whole building from falling is a big and quick leap while newly exploring this ability.

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The arc they're trying to get to is destroyed, they seemingly have no way out, and next week we will probably see the shot of Loki and Sylvie basically sitting on a bench in the apocalypse that we saw in the trailers. Obviously, I don't think they'll die here, but I don't know how they'll get out if Loki didn't steal the Time Stone aside from Old Man Loki showing up to save the day. Still, it wouldn't be the first time he stole an Infinity Stone -- remember when he took the Tesseract out of Odin's vault and then got killed by Thanos for it?

(Photo: Marvel Studios / Loki)

Overall, this episode is a sharp diversion from the epic cliffhanger in Episode 2. It has satisfying moments like the impressive continuous shot action scene at the end, Loki being confirmed as a bisexual king legend, and a cliffhanger on top of a cliffhanger. The fact that Loki never so much as asked Sylvie why she's doing what she's doing kind of drove me crazy. I'm giving this episode about a 6.2/10 scale -- my least favorite of the three so far but it's clearly not an addition to the show without its highlights.

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