Loki Fans Notice Major Details About Miss Minutes That May Explain A Major Plot Point

'Time works differently in the TVA,' was one of Mobius M. Mobius' (Owen Wilson) first lines in the [...]

"Time works differently in the TVA," was one of Mobius M. Mobius' (Owen Wilson) first lines in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As it turns out, the mascot for the Time Variance Authority is a perfect representative of that comment. As some have started to point out online, Miss Minutes — voiced by the legendary Tara Stronge — isn't a typical analog clock. No, instead of the typical 12-hour marks usually found on clocks, Miss Minutes carries 16.

This could, of course, be a direct tribute to Mobius' line in the show's first episode, or maybe an animator somewhere thought it looks better for 16 markings instead of the usual. Either way, a peculiar choice for the character.

After popping up in a few explainer videos during the Loki premiere, Miss Minutes had an extended bit in the show's second episode as she started quizzing the titular trickster on all things TVA. Even then, fans can expect more of the hologram as the series progresses.

"It was basically like a lamp that we stuck little cardboard eyes on," Herron revealed. "She was this little lamp on suitcase wheels that we'd spin around … She's light because she lights the scene because the character is illuminated. Then you replace the terrifying lamp with a lovely cartoon."

According to Loki director Kate Herron, Miss Minutes is a character inspired both by British comedies and writer Michael Waldron's experiences in the American South.

"One thing I would say that's so fun about it to me is that the show has a lot of British sensibilities and British comedy because that's me," Herron told Screen Rant earlier this year. "But Michael Waldron, our writer, is from the south in America. And I feel Miss Minutes is him in a way, like just the way she talks."

"And I think it's so fun because initially, we have Miss Minutes [as] kind of our introduction to the TVA. She was almost like our Mr. DNA from Jurassic Park, in that she was explaining: who are the TVA? How does the world work? What are the rules? And I think that was fun in itself," Herron added. "But then I think we found, as we were developing the stories more, we just kept wanting to bring her back and spend more time with her because she's such fun."

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