Loki Set Video Reveals More Action With "Lady Loki"

A new video from the set of Loki reveals that there is more action in store with Lady Loki. Now, the video made its way to Reddit and people are already theorizing about the possibilities of introducing a female version of the trickster could bring. The Disney+ teaser that aired during the Super Bowl gave the impression that everyone's favorite mischief-maker would largely be on his own this time, but a gender-flipped version would be a great addition. It would seem that Sophia Di Martino looks to be the one overseeing the character. There is some debate about whether the character is Lady Loki or Enchantress, but more will become clear later. Her costume is strikingly similar to the previous versions of Loki's outfit.

Late last year, reports started to circulate that Lady Loki was going to be in the series opposite Tom Hiddleston. But, the images from the past week really lend credence to the idea of the two operating as a unit. Another big feature of the set images on social media right now is the presence of the Time Variance Authority. Fans already spotted their logo on Loki's jumpsuit in the Super Bowl teaser. The neckline on the deep green bodysuit and gold detailing is what is really driving those thoughts home for a lot of fans, but it is still very hard to tell at this point.

Other details that have fans running around in circles right now are Owen Wilson being a part of Loki. He is in the set images as well, but there is even more speculation flying around. There are reports that Squadron Supreme and possibly Kang the Conqueror could be on deck too. Considering the crux of Loki seems to be exploring other universes and introducing concepts from the larger Marvel multiverse, it would only make sense for something big to spin out of the events of the Disney+ series. Time will tell if that means Lady Loki or something else designed to knock everyone's socks off.

Loki set videos from r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers

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