Loki Star Tom Hiddleston To Read A Children's Book On TV

Loki’s Tom Hiddleston read a bedtime story on TV this weekend. The Marvel star delivered a fun [...]

Loki's Tom Hiddleston read a bedtime story on TV this weekend. The Marvel star delivered a fun entry of the BBC's CBeebies stories. This one focused on a superhero potato called Supertato. Hiddleston clearly had some fun adding personality to the villain of the story. A dastardly pea is making trouble in a supermarket after escaping from the freezer section. It's up to Supertato to catch the villain before he gets mashed. Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet wrote and illustrated the cheerful tale. There are some accompanying images to go along with Hiddleston's voice. You can check out the entire clip up above. While the MCU mainstay is known for being a bit of a wildcard, he's playing this all very down the middle. But, there is some excitement in his delivery of the story for the pre-school-aged audience.

Comicbook.com previously spoke with the Loki actor about his feelings ahead of the Disney+ show. He's been the god of mischief for so long now that there is an easy familiarity with the Asgardian.

"It was really interesting to go unstitch the character development of Dark World, Ragnarok, Infinity War, and it's almost like time travel for myself, and go back to where Loki's head's at in that moment," He told us before mentioning that this current Loki doesn't have all of the same experiences that the older one did. "His ego's pretty bruised. The Avengers just assembled because of him for the first time to stop him from taking over New York City. And he got smashed around by the Hulk, which didn't feel great. And yeah, so he's pretty bruised and broken but still has all of that entitlement and grievance, I suppose."

BBC describes CBeebies down below:

"CBeebies is a pre-school brand by the BBC for children aged six years and under that provides a range of pre-school programming designed to encourage learning through play in a consistently safe environment. CBeebies offers high-quality programming 100% in Spanish, produced by experts in pre-school education to educate and entertain BBC's youngest audience. With its bright colors, friendly characters and interactive content, CBeebies provides a co-viewing experience that the entire family can enjoy."

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