Loki: More Music From the Soundtrack Is Now Available on Spotify

The first season of Loki had many great components ranging from the cast to the costumes. Everyone [...]

The first season of Loki had many great components ranging from the cast to the costumes. Everyone has their favorite thing about the Disney+ show and for some, it's the music. While Loki didn't feature a bunch of original songs like WandaVision, it still has an epic score, which was composed by Natalie Holt. Some of the music from the series was already released on Spotify, but director Kate Herron shared on Instagram this week that "Volume 2" is officially available to stream.

"Secure your jet-skis and crack open a can of Josta because you can now listen to '@officialloki Vol. 2' two by @natsholt," Herron shared. She also included the Spotify link, which you can find here.

Holt is also on Instagram and took to the social media site this week to share a cool video of drummer Adam Betts working on the music. You can check that out below:

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Recently, ComicBook.com had the chance to chat with Holt, who broke down what it was like to craft the God of Mischief's sound and revealed what surprised her the most about working for Marvel.

"The freedom. For me, I kind of thought Marvel had — I mean, I'm a big fan. I love their shows, I've watched all of their films before I started. Except for Ant-Man, that was the only one I'd not seen, but now I've seen it. And Thor was one of my favorite ends of the spectrum, so it's so cool to be involved with that side of this story. I felt like maybe there was a slight kind of formula, or there was a certain in-house way, of like 'This is the Marvel way of doing things.' And then when I got the job and started working for them, I realized that they're totally up for just totally smashing that. They were just like, 'Don't be bound by anything we've done before. We want this to be totally different, and you can kind of do whatever you like.' It's just amazing. It was just total freedom and creative support. It was really cool," Holt shared.

All six episodes of Loki are now streaming on Disney+. If you haven't signed up for Disney+ yet, you can try it out here.

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